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Healthy Living Affiliate Disclosure

For purposes of full disclosure, please be aware that the “Lose Tummy Fat Help” website and Marie Grove have existing relationships with various companies, organizations and entities whose products or services may be mentioned on this site.

If any of those products or services are purchased through the links on this website, then Lose Tummy Fat Help and Marie Grove may be paid compensation in the form of cash payments or other forms. The price you pay is not affected. You do not pay any more, I just may make some commission.

We may also be compensated for certain content appearing on this website. For example, paid ads, display ads, sponsored posts and other forms of paid content or sponsored content. We will try to identify that content, but not all paid or sponsored content may be identified.

Please do appropriate research before buying anything based on the recommendations on this website. We investigate the features or the products and services, however we cannot claim that we are always right. Products and services may also change between the time we write about them and when you discover that content on our site.