What Does "Healthy Living" Mean To You?

What does healthy living mean to you? It’s different for everyone. 

To me it simply means not having any health issues and having the strength and stamina to do the things I love. 

I personally don’t care about being a certain size. What does that mean anyway? Clothing sizes, especially for women, can vary so greatly from one style or manufacturer to another. 

You may be a size 6 in one brand of jeans and a size 8 in another.

It doesn’t matter to me just because it is so arbitrary. Why get caught up on a label? 

I strive for a healthy balance in all aspects of life. I try to eat healthy everyday, but don’t always succeed! I try to stay fit and move a little everyday, but sometimes i just don’t feel like it. 

I hope you enjoy my website. This isn’t a site about trying to achieve someones elses ideal of perfect. It’s a site that helps each of us as individuals accomplish our own goals, whatever they may be. 

So please stop back often. And goo luck on your healthy living journey!

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